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Cristana – group leader

A gorgeus place, very quiet, great staff, 5 stars services. Excellent food. As a minus, there were some spiders, but we were in nature… Thank you all for your suport and impeccable services. Cristana – group leader

Dawid and Catherine Lewis

Delta Resort has got to be one of the most relaxing place in the world. The beauty of the surrounding country side and especially the lake is exceptional. Make sure you did like we did and take a kayak out into the lake, you’ll feel like you’re one with nature. Simply spectaculas! Dawid & Catherine […]

Lucretia & Alex

Thank you, we had a great time, the conditions was exactly as we expected. We certainly are coming back in the future. we tasted the traditional food. Helpfull staff. Lucretia & Alex

Rob and Johanna

Great food, great views and fantastic accomodation. Rob and Johanna

Mari and Eitan Feldman

Everything was excellent. The rooms are perfect. The stuf is proffesional, very nice people. The food is very good. We liked the place. We could stay here for another 2 weeks. Thank you for everything! Mari and Eitan Feldman

Valleteau Familly

Excellent place to get to know the beauties of the Danube Delta. Valleteau Famillytest

Bost Krajenski

Excellent location, very kind and helpfull staff. I will recommend this place especially to famillies. Bost Krajenski

Lisa and Richard Pais

We had a lovely time, very restful and peaceful. It is a beautiful place.. The saff was very attendive and hospitable. We will come back!! Lisa and Richard Pais

Jon and Kathy Locke

Many thanks for an enjoyable and restful three days here. The wiew over the lakes from the villas is excellent. We enjoyed the trips and the hospitality of the staff Jon and Kathy Locke

Matoc and Rodica Aron

A very good location, a wonderful landscape and some quality services! Too bad that we leave so soon and we can not enjoy more all of this benefits. Keep up the good work!!. Matoc and Rodica Aron

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