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Group from Galati

A very good location, a wonderful landscape and some quality services! Too bad that we leave so soon and we can not enjoy more all of this benefits. Keep up the good work!!. Group from Galati

Bruno, Galya, Boyan and Pavel

A perfect stay in your field for my familly with two little childrens: 3 and 5 years. The staff is very agreeable and daisy. Doru made our trip to the lake very interresting for all the family. He is very helpful. Thank you and see you soon!! Bruno, Galya, Boyan and Pavel

Lucia Hanganu

A location in where we return year after year, fascinated by the ballance, peace, the purity of the air, the sounds of nature, the bio design of an old colonial style. We will surely return to find our ballance.Lucia Hanganu.

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